You can find all the brochures and structure plans to Three Sinha products below. Just click on a brochure/structure plan to open it. 

Swing Gate (Running) – SteelLink

Swing Autogate – MAG

Swing Gate – SteelLink

Sliding Gate – SteelLink

Barrier Gate – MAG

Roller Shutter

Retractable Gate

Fire Shutter

Sliding/Swing Gate – DEA

Barrier Gate – SteelLink

Roller Door

Turnstile System

Grill Roller Door

Fire Door

Roller Door Structure Plan

Wicket Gate Structure Plan

Steel Pantry Cupboards
Polycarbonate Roller Doors
Aluminium Window Shutter

Sliding Autogate MAG

Hand Railings

Sectional Overhead

Steel Link Sliding
Video Door

Barricade Systems

Parking Access Control System
Turnstile Systems

Folding Door – Classic

Folding Door – Premium